Celebrities’ Zodiac,
Your NFT

GELO is an Esport P2E(Play-to-Earn) Zodiac game series. Battle your way into the Zodiac Wars.

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GELO – Zodiac Wars will bring career stability into the Esport scene. We will increase the average career span of a professional gamer from 4 years to 10 years using God Games.

GELOwheel, the first GOD GAME

A GOD game is an independent game that combines short game phases or checkpoints from various games to create infinite, stable, and unique variations of itself using artificial intelligence

An Esport league match will require a team or a player to compete using 3 variations of GELOwheel: A variation is selected by them, their opponent, and viewers respectively.
This guarantees career stability as players master their preferred variation without having to constantly adapt to a new patch/update.