Zerosprofit is a World Bank, only that it's of the people, funded by people, for the people.


Zerosprofit is creating a crowdfunding solution that preserves and compounds funds even after the release of funds. We invest for and connect billions of non-investors to brokers to 1000x brokers’ revenue/fee for a commission. Half of the commission funds users and projects.

So far, we have run a series of tests to validate the concept.

Journey so far

Customers: 6

Blitz funds shared: ₦60,000

Revenue: ₦285000+


Growth: 370% profit per user/blitz fund

Demand: Increasing Daily Pre-signups

What our customers are saying

  • Akunna IbeziemAkunna IbeziemSecretary

    I was introduced to Zerosprofit by a friend But I was reluctant and not interested as per scam/fraudulent activities these days, but after briefing me about the process and money involved, I became a bit interested, so I decided to use their service and I was told the amount I will receive after like a week, 10,000 naira was sent to my account, I could not believe because I didn't give them any money and I got free 10,000 naira just like that. I was so Happy that I had to visit chicken republic.

  • Moses LeonardMoses LeonardStudent and Programmer

    Omo thanks for introducing me to zerosprofit, I didn't even have to put any money to invest anything but I got free cash just like that, Zerosprofit is the next big thing.

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